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Product Image I LOVE YOU Tote



This tote was inspired by the first tote designed by Justin LeBlanc to celebrate a glorious Project Runway Season 12 experience! 

The design represents the American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "I Love You." The tote's design was inspired by Justin LeBlanc's custom fabric print design during the Project Runway Season 12 HP Intel Textile Design Challenge, Episode 11.

**TOTES WILL SHIP IN 1 Business Day**


Grey tote with crisp white screen-print design
25” Extra Durable Shoulder Tote
Tote Measures 18” W X 14.5” H X 3”D
Sturdily Hand-manufactured in New Hampshire, MADE IN USA
Post Consumer Recycled Cotton



Shipping and Handling

2 or less = $5.00
3 or more = $7.00
International = $20.00